Instructions for coding Genius / FAAC SLH Handsets

Use old / existing handset as Master, so long as it works. Each button is coded individually. So the procedure below will need to be repeated for each button. (if it does something with the system).  


Master = existing remote that works
New = New remote.


Master, press & hold both buttons until light flashes, release both & light must continue to flash, press & hold button you normally use.


New, hold remote in proximity to Master, press & hold same button, light will flash twice to confirm, release button


Master, release button


New, press button twice close to gate, gate will open on 2nd press.





Info on Master & Slave remotes:

We normally set the remotes on a domestic system to be the master type for ease of use. However, there is a slave configuration for additional security that will prevent anyone from cloning the remote as detailed above. (to prevent someone from borrowing the remote & cloning it without your knowledge.


Identifying a master / slave remote:

On Master remote (that you want to copy) the led should blink once & stay on what you press and hold any button. If the led does not blink once you have a slave remote that cannot be copied.


If you did not source the remote from us be warned that there are a number of knockoffs in circulation that do not work.