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Gate Automation Servicing

If your system is one we installed please get in touch & we will arrange a time & date to service your system.

Electric Gates should be typically be serviced once a year, to ensure a long service life. If it is a commercial system it will require more frequent service intervals.  

If your system is not one of our installations we will visit & provide a quote first while you are present & watching. Some systems / brands we won't touch unless they are in need of replacement. (A recent decision given a bad experience on 28/07/2020).


We recommend operating your gate manual release annually, to ensure it does not seize, especially if you have underground motors. If it is stiff then it needs servicing. 

Using your gate manually. Manual override release.
If you have moved into a property with one of our systems please scroll down to the guides below. (covers a selection of the systems we install). 

If you do not know how to operate your gate manually it is very important to learn how. Otherwise you may be trapped in or out unexpectedly during a emergency.

Gate Automation System Repairs

If your gates are powered by Genius, FAAC, Casali or CAME then we can repair them for you.
We will inspect the system & provide an estimate for repair.

If it is not one we installed then repairs may take longer. 
Some systems / brands we avoid due to reliability issues. (In which case we will quote for replacement). 
Any technical documents you have from the installer will be helpful to identify the system.

Unfortunately we can't offer an emergency callout facility.

All repairs will be subject to a risk assessment to ensure they are compliant with current regulations. If you system is deemed hazardous we will warn you & provide an estimate for the necessary safety equipment & repairs.

Gate Manual Override Release Information


  • All gate automation systems are fitted with a manual override release.

  • Using this manual override release will allow you to open the gate if the automation ever fails / there is a power cut or emergency.

  • When you operate the manual release it is important you return the gate to its original position before operation of the manual release.

  • All manual releases should be operated at least once annually to ensure continued operation. (It only takes 2 minutes). If it is stiff we recommend lubricating it with WD40 White lithium grease spray. (check amazon). Or call us to service the system. 

    Types of Manual Release:

    FAAC Eurobat 424 Ram

  • If you gate has Ram bolted to the gate, the manual release should be located on the top of the motor, this will either need a key or a security allen key to operate. Turn 90 degrees to disengage the motor. 

    FAAC 390 Articulated Arm

  • If you gate has the motor bolted to the wall & attached to the gate via an arm, the manual release is located on the underside of the motor near the swing arm (look for a cam) Insert the long allen key into the cam & rotate 90 degrees to disengage the motor. Remove key & open gate. 

Ram Manual releace
Ram Manual releace
swing arm Manual releace
swing arm Manual releace

     FAAC 770N Underground Motors

  • If you have underground motors the manual release is often located on the underside of the gate near the bottom hinge. You will need either a key or a gas service key to operate it. Please check these every year. If they are stiff they need servicing. 

  • Most underground systems we install are manufactured by FAAC. The manual release is operated by pulling on the black tabs, so they open @ 90 Degrees to the gate.
    If they do not move please check they are not locked. We only recommend locking them if security is important. 
    If the key will not go in because the rubber cap is missing you will require some wd40 to remove the dirt.
    (Please ensure they are operated & lubricated at least once a year).

  • If you cannot operate the manual release by hand please give us a call. Excessive force using tools can lead to damage & a expensive repair if the correct procedure is not followed.

     CAME FROG Underground Motors

  • You will require the release leaver we provided with your system. If you have lost it we can order you one, or you can buy one online with this part code: 119RIA047S

  • Video below shows how to use the manual release. (Same release mechanism has been used for over 10 years).