Electric gates
Electric gates
Electric gates

Gate Automation System Components

Our systems can be fitted with a number of optional components to increase security and add to the convenience of your life. To help you decide we have listed a number of commonly installed products. If you have any special requirements please let us know, and we can find a solution for you.

If you are looking for intercoms use this link

FAAC Remote

FAAC / Genius / CAME Remote

  • Open your gate or garage with a press of a button

  • Upto 50m range. (line of sight).

  • Range can be improved with an external receiver aerial.
    (If it is an issue).


  • Up to 250 unique remotes are typically supported by our systems. Let me know if you need more & I will add a memory module to the control board.

  • We can fit an external receiver to any device that can be operated by a switch, so one unified remote can be used.

  • Standard is two button, with a four button option if required.

GSM Switch

GSM Switch

  • No need to hand out remotes for the gate, open the gate with your phone by calling or texting the device phone number, which has its own O2 SIM card & mobile number.

  • Supports 250 to 1000 phone numbers.

  • Programed by text message by a master phone or code.
    Authorised Numbers can be added & be removed by sending the unit a text message.


  • Users simply call the GSM mobile number & the gate will open. (The GSM switch will hangup on call).

  • Access can be remotely granted to by anyone with an authorised phone number.

  • Warning: Does not function if you withhold your phone number! (uses caller id for identification).

  • Requirements:

  • O2 Sim card. We will help you setup an account to manage this. £10 credit usually lasts between 4 to 9 years, depending on the number of program changes that are made over this time. (Device typically sends one text a month to the master phone number which would be its only cost).

  • Mobile phone signal is required!


Gate Activation Doorbell 

  • Each time the gate is opened the doorbell will ring. 

  • System is powered from the control board so no batteries need replacing, installed with a custom 3D printed mounting to keep things tidy.

  • Internal Ringer plugs into an AC socket, it has a 300m range from the gate.

Mini Loop

Vehicle Presence Sensor (Pulse

  • Magnetic detection sensor.  Detects vehicles, and opens gates on approach. (single activation pulse).

  • Minimal labour, only one hole needs digging and cable routing.

  • Can be disabled at night for additional security.


  • On tarmac / concrete drives we typically need to hire a floor saw.
    (The cable can fit directly in the slot that is cut providing the neatest finish).

FAAC Pro Loop

Vehicle Presence Detector (Continuous)

  • FAAC ProLoop & Pro loop 2 (Single & Dual channel)

  • Opens gate on vehicle approach.

  • Detect vehicle presence (continuous) 

  • Can be used as a safety device to prevent gate closure on vehicles.

  • Labour intensive, a loop of wire must be embedded in the driveway.

  • Can be disabled at night for additional security. 

  • Requirements:

  • On tarmac drives we need to hire a Floor Saw.
    (The cable can fit directly in the slot that is cut providing the neatest finish).

Safety edge

Safety edge

  • Mandatory with most solid wood gate systems we install for safety compliance. (encoders on the motors are affected by wind loading so cannot be relied upon on solid gates).

  • Resistive safety edge signals the gate system if it collides with a vehicle or person, causing the gate to back off. This prevents crushing hazards. Fail safe state.

  • Variable size and thickness.

  • Enables compliance with BS EN 12453:2001. standard for electric gates

  • We use safety edges by CCE. They are the most reliable as I can assemble them myself, & repair them should they get damaged. 

Pedestrian button

Push Button (Pedestrian access)

  • Waterproof push button, used for non secure gates to allow access.

  • Time switch located on the control baord can disable the pedestrian access switch, providing security at night. (we can program this for you).

  • Different finishes are available depending on requirements.

FAAC XP 20 D Photocells

Photocell Pair

  • Prevents Gates from closing on vehicles. Provided with all systems.

  • Uses an infrared beam to detect obstructions.

  • Directional infrared beam allows for discrete placement.

  • Signals gate to stop & reverse if obstruction detected. Fail safe state.

  • Insect proof. Integrated gaskets keep them out. 

  • Enables compliance with BS EN 12453:2001. standard for electric gates.


Solar System

  • FAAC 24V E124 control system. (Powersave functions active).
    (included as standard in our automation system quotes).

  • 24v MPPT Solar charge controller.

  • Two 12v deep cycle batteries. Typically 2x 26Ah lead acid.

  • Large Fiberglass battery box.

  • Solar panels & custom mounting solution. (specified to suit requirements). 

  • Can be fitted to any standard 24v system we install, where power is an issue.

  • Number of daily operations dependant on solar array size and battery capacity. If high intensity use is required we recommend using the control board 7 day timer to open the gate in the morning & close it in the night.

  • Optional emergency open & shutdown if battery level drops below 20v. The gate will close once battery charge level reaches 24v.

  • Please keep in mind lead acid batteries have an expected lifespan of around 5 years. After this time they will need to be replaced or the gate will begin to malfunction. For this reason we always recommend trying to install a 230v supply if possible as it is often more cost effective long term.
    Costs range between £650 to £1000 for a solar power system, depending on the seperately quoted automation system requirements.

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Solar gate (2)

Solar gate
Solar gate


Solar gate (2)
Solar gate (2)