Gate Automation Systems We Install From FAAC & CAME

Below are a selection of products from FAAC that we typically install. All above ground systems we install utilise the latest FAAC 36vdc technology which is 30% faster than standard 24vdc systems, whilst still providing integrated obstacle detection & enhanced longevity.
For underground systems on residential gates we will fit a CAME system as they have the best electro-mechanical design.

As of 2019 we are also fitting external RFI mains filters on all systems we install as standard, to provide additional protection for the electronics from power surges / lightning strikes & poor quality mains power. 

We will typically recommend a system type during our site survey, depending on the requirements of the site & operation.
To book a site survey please contact us.

HomeLink®: We can add support for homelink to our systems if required. To do so we must add an additional receiver & remote that is compatible. (Standard FAAC remotes are not supported by homelink due to their advanced security features).

E124 Image.PNG

FAAC E124 & E145 Control Boards:
Standard on all systems we install

  • Independent motor control, Speed, Time & Force.

  • Custom programmable operating logic, with 5 inputs & 2 outputs. Any type of operation is possible. 

  • Programmable Remote Logic: One button can open the gate normally & the other locks it in the open position until pressed again. An LED will stay lit on control box to indicate lock is active. 

  • Built in 7 day timer function to disable inputs / activate outputs at certain times / days.

  • Obstacle detection. 

  • Advanced debug log. Keeps a log file of the last 30 operations accessed via a laptop, so any intermittent errors can be identified.

  • Advanced power save features to reduce power consumption when not in use. E124 also has a battery backup option to permit use during a power failure / solar installation.

  • Reliable: we have been installing these control panels since 2008 without issue. (New features have been added thanks to firmware updates).

Genius Eurobat 424 System
Genius Eurobat 424 System
Genius Eurobat 424 System
Genius Eurobat 424 System
Genius Eurobat 324.jpg

FAAC Genius Euro BAT 424 (Manufactured by FAAC)

  • Discrete & rugged design. 
    Cast aluminium housing & stainless steel.
    Most of the Euro BAT systems we have installed are still working 20 years later. (Design has not changed much since 1995).


  • Typically installed on farm style gates. (5 bar).

  • Can handle gates up to 4m long. 

  • Obstacle detection. (36v current sensing).

  • Fast Action

  • Manual release uses a security allen key.

  • FAAC E124 Control board & directional photocells

  • Thanks to our long relationship with FAAC we can provide this system with the improved FAAC control board & photocells.
    This is a fundamentally different system to that you can find online. (which uses the older control equipment). 

FAAC S418 System
FAAC S418 System
FAAC S418 System


  • Sturdy Aluminium design from FAAC that has inbuilt opening & closing stops, negating the requirement for external stops in the ground.

  • Typically installed on wrought iron gates, or solid timber gates if they are sheltered from the wind.

  • Obstacle detection. (36v current sensing). 

  • Fast Action 

  • E124 Control board.


FAAC 390 36v

  • Electromechanical operator with an arm. The motor & gearbox are positioned on a stone pillar & linked to the gate via the arm. Ideal for use on existing wrought iron gates.

  • Operating time: 11 Seconds to 90 degrees. 

  • Rated for High intensity commercial use. 

  • Obstacle detection. (36v current sensing). 

  • Capable of handling gate leaves of up to 3m with an electric lock.

  • Built in limit switches control where the gate / door opens too, preventing damage to the gate / door from over opening.

  • Can be used on a garage door, opens doors up to 170 degrees. 

  • E124 Control board.

FAAC 390 Door Opener system
FAAC 390 Door Opener system
FAAC 390 Door Opener system
FAAC 390 Door Opener system
FAAC 390 Door Opener system
FAAC 390 Gate Opener system
FAAC 390 Gate Opener system
Frog AE 230v

CAME FROG AE 230v / 24v  (Electro Mechanical)

  • Discrete Underground electromechanical operator with built in open & close stops. Best electro mechanical motor & foundation box design we have encountered with practically no flaws. (CAME thought of everything that could go wrong & fixed it).

  • Our default option for underground installations 

  • Operating time:  15 to 18 Seconds to 90 degrees. (24v / 230v)

  • Obstacle detection, via the encoders on the motors

  • Long life low maintenance system with Stainless steel foundation box. (always specified but optional).

  • Exceptionally durable aluminium motor construction. Typical motor life is 10 to 15 years depending on drainage. (Rubber seals eventually perish).
    If stainless steel foundation have been chosen new motors can be dropped in without issue. 

  • Manual release uses a simple lever key system that can never jam or seize even if neglected. Please leave the leaver key somewhere accessible where you can't lose it. (if you lose it during a power cut the gate can't be opened).

    24v variant has a battery backup option 

  • Reliable CAME ZM3E Control System.

FAAC 770N 24v System
FAAC 770N 24v System
FAAC 770N 24v System
FAAC 770N 230v System
FAAC 770N 230v System
FAAC 770N 230v System

FAAC 770N 24  (Electro Mechanical)

  • Discrete Underground electromechanical operator with built in open & close stops. Fast operation with a secure manual release system.

  • Typically installed wrought iron gates.

  • Obstacle detection, via the built in virtual encoder on the E124 control system.

  • Operating time: 12 Seconds to 90 degrees. 

  • Long life low maintenance system with Stainless steel foundation box. (always specified but optional).

  • Durable cast aluminium motor construction. Typical service life: 10 to 15 years depending on drainage & servicing.

  • 180 degree toothed gear option.

  • Keyed Lever manual release. If left unlocked it can be operated at anytime by pulling the lever out 90 degrees. (Requires annual maintenance to ensure reliable operation). 

  • E124 Control System


FAAC S800 SBW 230v or 24v (Hydraulic)

  • The most advanced Underground Hydraulic operator from FAAC. Twice the power of the FAAC 770N, with a faster smoother operation on heavy gates. (Rolls Royce of automation).

  • We fit the NON Locking version: These motors cannot be damaged by anything forcing the gate open at low speed: A secondary magnetic locking system keeps the gate in the closed position.  

  • Typically installed on solid timber gates in windy locations, or very heavy steel gates / high use gates.

  • Obstacle detection. (36v current sensing & encoder). 

  • Operating time: 10.97 Seconds to 90 degrees. 

  • Extreme durability, Stainless steel & aluminium construction.

  • 180 degree operation option.

  • Manual release: Motor is disengaged when unpowered: A separate electromechanical locking system is required. (subject to site requirements).

  • If the gate is forced open the motor can signal the control system & set off an alarm. Coupled with the Telgaurd E1K intercom you can receive a warning SMS message should someone attempt to break in.

  • Rated for commercial gates (High usage, rated for continuous operation all day).

  • E124 / E145 Control board.


Powered Pedestrian Gate BFT E5N

  • Design is ideal for powered pedestrian gates. The operator is linked to the gate via an arm, & exerts a constant force to open & close the gate. This force can be easily be overpowered by a human should the gate get in the way with no damage to the system, or person. 

  • Magnetic locking system releases in the event of a power cut.

  • After system power loss the gate can be slowly pushed open. without damage (With a force a just over lifting 2-5kg weight).

  • A Maglock holds the gate closed when the operator is not in operation.

  • E145 Control board.


FAAC C721 Sliding Gate 

  • Nearly twice as fast as 230v systems. 18m/s vs 9m/s

  • 800kg Weight limit, for heavy gates.

  • Keyed manual release. 

  • Obstacle detection (24v Current sensing)

  • Can be used for intensive applications.

FAAC C721 System
FAAC C721 System

Additional information

Given there are just two of us, we usually only fit the automation & intercom systems. For the gates we recommend contacting a fencer / steel fabricator, to install the gate posts & gate. We will provide some technical information on the hinge position & advice on the type of gate that would be suitable for your location. I have listed two contractors we normally work with below.

If you wish to have a chat Monday is the best time as we are in the office all day. (Admin day).

New wooden gates:

Here are the contact details for Markus Boon: (Fences Gates & posts)
You can reach him via email at
Or phone: 07890526555

He installs gates & posts from forest products, the catalogue is available online :

New Steel Gates:

If you are after a bespoke fabricated steel gate, we recommend Stokes Welding in Prestbury  01242 528044 or      07766 257115 ask for Wayne. They can fabricate and install any steel gate to your specification.

Should Stokes Welding be unable to sort things out in a timely manner, I would also recommend Clive Lewis from C Lewis Fabrications. 
His number is 07966 425841 or 01452 715111 he is based in Staverton Gloucestershire. Email:


Automation system:

This depends on what gate you wish to install & the aesthetic that is desired. Underground operators such as the FAAC 770N are the most discreet but do cost more due to the labour involved. Whilst the FAAC S418 & Genius BAT 324 are our most common preference for above ground installations.

We typically recommend a site visit or some photos if it is a general enquiry, to work out the following questions:

If you wish to get in touch please give us a call, or if we are on site please fill out the contact form & I will get back to you as soon as I can. (Mondays at the very latest, typically if I have time I will try to get back to you in the evening when I get back from site).

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